Fly-tipping and speeding are among the key crimes police are working to combat on the Island, according to the Rural Strategic Policing Inspector for the Isle of Wight and Hampshire.

The 2018 National Rural Crime Survey found that some of the most common concerns for those living in rural areas like the Isle of Wight are not solely policing matters.

57 per cent of respondents to the survey said they had seen evidence of fly-tipping in the past year, topping the list of offences. While speeding was second at 32 per cent.

“Speeding in rural areas is an issue but officers have been doing a lot of engagement with motorcycles and a lot of road education around motorcycles and tractors with trailers speeding on country roads.

In relation to fly-tipping we’re working in partnership. The local and parish councils take the lead on those investigations but that’s not to say the police are doing nothing about it. We’re working with the council’s – a number of operations are being  done to pull over people that are illegally carrying waste and don’t have proper licenses to dispose of the waste.

We need members of the community to let us know when they see fly-tipping – and to call the police because we will come out and see what we can do.”

There has also been a spate of livestock attacks predominantly in southern parts of the Isle of Wight, according to Inspector Bishop:

“That’s people being irresponsible dogs owners and allowing their dogs out who attack sheep. A message that we really want to get out there is to keep dogs on a lead and know where they are.”

You can read the survey results in full here.