An endangered turtle died after getting trapped in a barstool on a beach in Florida.

The marine animal was found by beach volunteers, who had to free her from inside the stool before finding she was already dead.

The turtle, a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, is among the most endangered species in the world.

Sharon Maxwell, head of the South Walton Turtle Watch, told the Palm Beach Post the turtle was too badly injured for the usual post-mortem, called a necropsy.

She added: It’s really sad. There’s no way we can tell how or when she died. We hate it.

Ms Maxwell said the stool may have fallen from a boat, or somehow got into the sea from a beachside bar or restaurant.

The turtle’s head was bloody when they found it, and the animals may have been struggling to get free from the stool.

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Posting the images on Facebook, the South Walton Turtle Watch group said: This is so very sad, and so easy to stop. Please do not leave your items, anything, on the beach.

We did get this beautiful lady out of the chair. She was a critical endangered Kemps and of course she was dead.

Look at her head to see what she went through. Poor thing it must have been an awful death.

Why can’t we keep things off the beach at night. Please spread the word and do your part.

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Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are critically endangered and the rarest species of sea turtle, with only about 1,000 believed to be left in the wild.

They prefer warmer temperatures but have been found as far north as the seas of New Jersey. They are a smaller breed of turtle reaching about 58-70 cm (23-28 in) and about 79-99lb (36-45kg).

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