Pier to Pier Swim. Courtesy of Isle of Wight Marlins Master Swim Club.

More than 100 people will be making a splash in Sandown Bay this lunchtime (Saturday), at the annual Pier to Pier Swim.

At midday, swimmers will go from Sandown Pier to the old Shanklin Pier, which was destroyed by a storm in the 1980s.

Accompanying the swimmers will also be a host of canoes and kayaks, after organisers appealed for volunteers earlier this month (August).

In its 66th year, Bob Cooper from the Isle of Wight Marlins Swim Club says it is held for a very good reason:

“We raise money for our partners – Sandown and Shanklin Lifeboat, Ryde Inshore [lifeboat], Shanklin and Sandown rowing club, and the Isle of Wight kayaking club.

“They all get donations from the entry fees.

“Everybody’s excited and it’s enjoyable. I think 65 per cent of the swimmers this year are from the mainland. People keep coming back and make a weekend of it on the Island.”

The swim sets off from Sandown Pier around 12 pm.