Sandown Conservative Club is adopting a new project in hopes of combating loneliness.  

The club on Station Avenue has created a dedicated table for everyone to sit at and make new friends, making it the first of its kind to become a member of the Chatter and Natter Cafe Scheme.

Sandown Conservative Club treasurer Alan Jones said:

“The club members think its a fantastic idea because they all know people who are a bit nervous about meeting new people or are a bit lonely. People can be nervous to ask if they can sit down so this way people are actively saying “come and sit here” instead.

With a scheme like this you can immediately go up to a table and and start talking to someone. Once we started talking to people we found out loads of things about the Island like where  to get things and where the rubbish dump is – all this sort of stuff which takes a while to find out otherwise.”

Sandown Conservative Club is hosting an open day for people who would like to know more about Sunday’s scheme.