Who do you think you are? It just got easier to find out with the launch of digitised Isle of Wight burial records.

Cemetery records are now available online through a new website run by the Isle of Wight Council.

Aspiring genealogists will be able to search burial ground information and 72,000 crematorium records.

Registering with the site (click to find it here) uncovers details for 12 Isle of Wight cemeteries.

Cabinet member for environment and heritage Councillor John Hobart said:

“A huge amount of work has gone into digitising all of this information and I hope residents will find it useful, for example, when researching their family tree. It also ensures our archives are preserved for future generations and makes sure that the council reacts to the way that people are now choosing to search for this information.”

Bereavement services manager, Iain Donald, said:

“Of course, we still have the resources for people to access this information in person. However, the benefit is that once registered on the new website, people across the world can access the records. Having the records online provides a valuable tool for anyone wishing to research their family history.”

The originals will be kept in the Isle of Wight Council collection and can still be accessed, although digitising means damage to the documents is minimised.