The abandoned Whale Chine fridge outside of Isle of Wight Radio, alongside those who removed it - Stag Lane Motors' Liam and Steve.

An industrial fridge, which was left abandoned on Whale Chine beach for months, has finally been taken away – thanks to Isle of Wight recovery and repair company Stag Lane Motors.

The fridge was first seen on the cliffs of Whale Chine back in May, before somehow making its way onto the beach.

Whale Chine fridge. Photo from Glenn Martin (Facebook).

As reported by Isle of Wight Radio yesterday (Monday), hundreds took to social media to voice their concern over the eye saws lack of movement.

The Isle of Wight Council confirmed that Whale Chine was not its beach and the land was, in fact, owned by Crown Estates.

The fridge outside of Isle of Wight Radio.

However, staff from Newport’s Stag Lane Motors have now taken matters into their own hands.

The repair shop’s boss Alan Stay, alongside co-workers Liam and Steve, removed the fridge themselves earlier today (Tuesday):

“We went down there this morning and did a scout round to work it all out. Came back, got a load of gear and went out there. I suppose it took just over an hour really – three people and lots of equipment but job done!”

Stag Lane Motors’ boss Alan Stay.

Alan says he was fed up with reading about the fridge and wanted to act:

“I saw it on Facebook and everyone was whinging on about it but I thought why doesn’t somebody do something about it. We’ve done things like that before, crazy things, so thought let’s just do it to keep people happy.”

The fridge is now at Stag Lane Motors’ repair shop in Stag Lane, Newport.

Alan’s asking for someone to come and dispose of it properly – preferably the council:

“That would be nice if they could come and take it. It’ll be littering up our yard. No one wants to take it for some reason. It’s only a fridge at the end of the day!”