Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has conceded that he should have used “slightly more accurate words” when branding a ‘Press TV reporter’ a “tosser” – but said he does not regret the sentiment behind his comments.

Mr Seely called journalist Roshan Salih an “anti-Semitic pro-Corbyn tosser” on Twitter, after he live-streamed a meeting from MP Joan Ryan’s Enfield North constituency where she lost a vote of no-confidence.

Mr Salih works for Press TV, an Iranian State broadcaster that was banned in the UK in 2012.

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio yesterday (Tuesday), the Island’s MP said he has strong opinions sometimes and will try to express remarks more accurately in the future:

“One can always use words better.

“If I was going to use strong words at this so-called journalist I should have used slightly more accurate ones but it is what it is and I have strong opinions sometimes. I shall try to express myself more accurately in future, what can I say.”

He also alluded to allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has previously denied the accusations, saying he was “committed to rooting out anti-Semitism”:

Mr Seely said:

“If I was an opportunistic politician I would say yes it’s great because it makes the Labour Party unelectable. But I think it’s a very very bad thing for our democracy what’s happening in the Labour Party and it’s very depressing to see.

Pressed on whether he regretted his “tosser” comments, Mr Seely said:

“The sentiment behind it? Absolutely and utterly not.”