The welcome punch at the Accra Beach hotel, Barbados


Number of palm trees I can see from my hotel room: 7
Number of opportunities to taste amazing Barbados rum: 5
Number of mosquito bites: 0
Number of points Paul scored on his phone game on the plane: 4982
Number of exotic looking birds I don’t recognise: 4

Barbados’ Accra Beach Hotel (the view from my room)

Dear Diary

Paul and I arrived safely in Barbados, which is more glorious that I imagined. The waters are azure blue, the sun is hotter that…well…the sun and the sky is cloudless.

The Accra Beach Hotel in Christ Church, near its capital Bridgetown, perches on the edge of a pristine beach of soft white sand. Think Appley, but make it softer, whiter, hotter and with WAY fewer ferries.

The local welcome drink is rum and opportunities to taste it abound. Paul and I both tried the rum punch and can highly recommend it. Paul even let me eat his cherry-on-a-cocktail-stick. What sort of person doesn’t like a cherry?

The welcome punch at the Accra Beach hotel, Barbados

Dinner was a fantastic Asian buffet, of fish, chicken, sushi and a mysterious bean soup that everyone loved. Pudding was teeny, tiny melt-in-the-mouth versions of delicate tarts and key lime pie. I ate 412.

We’ve scouted out the studios where we’ll be broadcasting from tomorrow (Monday), from 6am. To us, this will be about 1am. I think we know, dear diary, that rum punch mixed liberally with sleep deprivation and shaken up on live radio will make this well worth a listen.

Grantley Adams International Airport, Bridgetown

Anyway, it is a double aspect room, overlooking the Atlantic, numerous swimming pools and the glorious beach. (Last night, when we walked along it in the moon and starlight, tiny little red crabs scuttled along the sand.) Tomorrow, there will be lots of opportunities to push Paul into the water if he stops making sense during the show.

Isle of Wight Radio, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc and 1Leisure are giving away an amazing holiday here at the four star Accra Beach Hotel. The lucky winner is in for a real treat. Read about it HERE!

You can take a girl (and Paul) out the Solent…but you can’t take the Solent….

Tomorrow I’ll report back on our day on a catamaran, when we will almost definitely see turtles and exotic fish (Nemo, perhaps?) and maybe, just maybe a shar…..I mean whale?

Isle of Wight Radio’s on tour….so I’ll see you tomorrow!

Lucy x