You’re kitted up, you’ve paid the ferry fare and you’re all ready for your first game of the season.

But what do you do when your match gets unexpectedly called off?

Well, Cowes Ladies FC provided the answer to that question on Sunday (23).

The team were set to play the first fixture of their Hampshire County Women’s Division 2 season against Stoneham AFC.

However, the weather got in the way and their game was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

Don’t worry though, the squad kept spirits high and not wanting to waste their ferry fare, went on a bonding session to… IKEA!

East Cowes Vics Ladies game was also postponed due to the weather, as was Shanklin Ladies’.

Cowes Ladies will (fingers crossed) play their first game of the season on 7 October against Fordingbridge Turks Ladies.

East Cowes Vics will face AFC Stoneham next Sunday (30) and Shanklin take on Oxford City the same day.