Paul, me and the crew of the Cool Runnings catamaran

Number of turtles we swam with: 4
Number of sharks seen: 0
Number of seasickness tablets swallowed: 2
Number of Bajan Bites (Barbados’ donuts) consumed: 864
Number of opportunities to taste local rum: 5
Metres to beach front properties frequented by Simon Cowell and Rihanna (not including security fence or (possibly) caged Doberman): 10

The glorious coastline of Barbados

“Turtle! Over here!” is the cry Paul and I will remember most from yesterday. Don’t worry. The slick patter of Barbados’ Cool Runnings catamaran crew does NOT involve a Doctor Dolittle-like ability to speak to the local marine life. It was a ‘call to snorkel’ – signalling to those of us on the boat to don masks and jump in to the warm bath-like waters of a turquoise-blue Atlantic. [Note to self: I never thought I’d share a bath with Paul].

…Up for a snorkel

Turtles in Barbados are plentiful, beautiful and chilled. The catamaran trip’s one of the key ‘things to do’ when you’re in Barbados – everyone’s asked if we’re doing one.

Two things that don’t mix, though, are turtles and rum. Fortunately even Paul managed to hold back on today’s sampling until we’d sailed away from the pristine bay to an ever-so-slightly more pristine part of the coastline. It’s the posh bit, where pop-Queen Rihanna and grumpy music mogul Simon Cowell hang out. Both are less leathery.

Lunch was on board the boat. Among the delicacies were an island favourite – grilled King Fish. There was also rum.

Shout out to the lovely couple from New York, who were spending some days away from the kids to mark their fifth anniversary.

Our evening was spent at the Sea Breeze Beach House resort, at Christ Church. A day here is part of the prize and includes food, drink and non-motorised water sports. Read more about what you can win and how, HERE. [You will also get B and B accommodation at the Accra Beach Hotel (I’ll post pictures later in the week). We’re here with Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc and 1Leisure.]

For us, it was a beach barbecue (not like the £5 disposable one you get at Lidl); music from a Bajan drum and whistle band (bedecked in colourful shirts); and dancing from two lovely ladies. Paul LOVES dancing so this was the perfect night out. I think the photo says it all.

Paul and the dancers from the Sea Breeze Beach House

He didn’t limbo though, which is a shame because I think he’d be really good at it. Tall people aren’t though.

Anyways, it’s some historic sightseeing today. I’m really looking forward to and will report  in tomorrow’s blog on some of the sights you can see if you win.

Read yesterday’s blog HERE.

Lucy x