Work to improve noise levels at the Cowes Floating Bridge has had an “instant impact”, says the Isle of Wight Council.

As reported by Isle of Wight Radio, an £8,100 rubber ‘shoe’ and £3,300 mesh mat have been installed on the West Cowes side of the chain ferry, in an attempt to lessen the sound of the ramp when it hits the slipway.

Council Leader Councillor Dave Stewart visited the floating bridge on Monday (24) to inspect the work and chat with staff.

He said:

“The initial test results tell us the noise has been reduced, so it appears these solutions are working very well.

“This is certainly good news for our neighbours near the bridge and is part of a concerted effort to further improve the service.

“The next stage will be to design a solution that will ensure the floating bridge can operate in all tides – that’s the last major technical problem that needs to be overcome.

“Work continues to achieve this in partnership the vessel’s designers and Wight Shipyard.

“In the meantime, I would like to thank the Floating Bridge’s staff for their professionalism and hard work in making sure the vessel is the very best it can be while the last remaining major issue is solved.”

Councillor Stewart, who was joined by the Cabinet member responsible for the floating bridge Ian Ward, added the service operated for 91.5 per cent of its scheduled operating hours last month (August).