Friends, family and members of the public gathered in East Cowes today (Monday) for the opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden.

It’s been set up to remember six-year-old Keziah Flux-Edmonds who died in the town in 2016.

With the help of community fundraising projects, as well as charity Keziah’s Kindness, more than £13,000 was raised to get the project up and running.

Watch our video of the ceremony, below:

Local magician David Randini – Keziah’s favourite performer – made the opening speech on behalf of her mum Nikki, who described her “as a magical, loving miracle child.”

He said:

“Keziah loved to give gifts. The end of summer terms were expensive times in our house. For this reason, opening this garden today will be a special memory. This is her gift to everyone.”

After the speech, the garden – named ‘Bumble Bee’ – was officially opened with the help of Keziah’s best friend Oscar, who cut the ribbon.

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio, Nikki said the garden – based on Beatrice Avenue – is all about remembering Keziah:

“Firstly we’ve got a sign with the name Bumble Bee because that was my nickname for her. It’s got all the hand prints from everyone from her year, so all the friends she had will also be remembered here. We’ve got play equipment, we’ve got garden and we’ve also got a bench down the bottom that has he dog Wilson stained on it. And that’s really special because they were always together.”

This was followed by the planting of a tree by Nikki, whilst a young girl sang Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ in tribute.

Pupils from Keziah’s former school Queensgate Foundation Primary then filled the new play area.

1. Opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden

2. Opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden

3. Opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden

Adam Elbalat, 9, Phoebe Heng, 8, and Imogen Jones, 8.

4. Opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden

5. Opening of Keziah’s Memorial Garden