A former bank in Cowes is being transformed into a Victorian-style street adorned with shops.

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The High Street building, which used to house NatWest, is being brought back to life. It will be home to a Post Office, silk road, freshwater pearls and pop culture memorabilia once officially opened as ‘Cowes Town Central’.

Manager Leon Milner told Isle of Wight Radio:

“We’re trying to create something that’s a little bit different in the community, and as you enter through the doorway you can see the story we’re trying to tell here. It’s all about bringing a story to life in here.

Where it’s all central to the community we felt it was important to bring that Post Office back. Cowes has had the banks gone, and the Post Office has moved and gone quite a distance – and again we want to move that central back to Cowes, hence the name.”

1. Cowes Town Central

2. Cowes Town Central

3. Cowes Town Central

4. Cowes Town Central

5. Cowes Town Central

6. Cowes Town Central

7. Cowes Town Central

8. Cowes Town Central

9. Cowes Town Central