(c) Facebook: Isle of Wight Fire Service Review and you

Councillor Ian Ward is defending his actions after being snapped doing a spot of online shopping during a council meeting.

The Isle of Wight’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure was caught browsing for some trousers and apparently dosing off while the Scrutiny Committee debated controversial plans to revamp the Island’s fire service on Tuesday (9). 

It stuck a cord with members of the public, who shared the pictures on social media.

(c) Facebook: Isle of Wight Fire Service Review and you

But Councillor Ward is not keeping it zipped on this one, and has set the record straight in an interview with Isle of Wight Radio this morning (Thursday).

It seams the advert for the trousers caught the councillor’s attention while he was browsing his emails.

Councillor Ian Ward told Isle of Wight Radio:

“Let me put this in context. That was a three hour meeting, okay? And obviously we are not involved with every single aspect of the meeting. In fact, that was a scrutiny meeting where I had nothing on the agenda – I didn’t even have to be there but I went anyway because I feel that’s my duty. But during those three hours most of us try to do something productive rather than just sit there so I was going through my emails and answering queries and doing this and doing that. The fact that I should come across one from a retailer and look at if for a couple of minutes is that the end of the world? I don’t think it is.”

LISTEN: Paul Topping speaking to Councillor Ian Ward live on the breakfast show.