Students from Medina College, the Island Free School and Binstead Primary school will each perform a half hour of Shakespeare tonight (Thursday) as the Shakespeare Schools Festival enters stage left.

Scroll down to hear from the students involved…

The Medina College students have been rehearsing today and let us interrupt…

The show starts at 7pm at Medina Theatre.

Hear from some of those behind the event:

Ben Vardy is from the Shakespeare Schools Festival:

“We’ve worked with almost 900 schools this year – about 30,000 students.  His work can be inaccessible…and yet at the same time he’s such a huge part of the culture. We see this as a way of bridging that gap.”

Teacher Steph Shorrock is leading Medina College’s performance:

“It’s our fifth year. I’ve got a fantastic team of students. We are doing Much Ado About Nothing. We’re using Harry Potter as our influence. We will be inviting the audience to Hogwarts.”

Actor and Medina student Beth Rogers told Isle of Wight Radio that the Harry Potter theme has proved to be magic for helping them understand the play:

“It’s been a lot easier to get into character. Shakespeare’s quite hard – especially for the young ones.”