West Wight Sports and Community Centre

Don’t stop them now, these Isle of Wight sports centre staff are breaking free and rock n’ rolling their way to their fundraising total.

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West Wight Sports and Community Centre employees have channeled their inner rock stars and revealed a parody video to coincide with the release of the foot-stomping blockbuster Bohemian Rhapsody.

This crazy little thing is part of the sports centre’s bid to raise £150,000.

Watch their take on ‘I Want To Break Free’: 

Staff don’t want it all, they just want to increase the size of the gym by 50%, and to buy additional equipment and services to support more people.

With much of the equipment and decor dating back eighteen years, they have one vision of refreshing and renewing the sports centre.

West Wight Sports and Community Centre said:

“Feedback from both members and staff has shown that our gym needs to be bigger, with more space around each piece of equipment.

We also need extra space to allow us to install new pieces of equipment and we would like to be able to add more services for our members to include advice and guidance on nutrition and other aspects of health and well-being.”

You can read more and donate here.