A petition calling for Ryde to be spared a raft of proposed new parking charges from April will be presented to the Isle of Wight Council when members meet tomorrow night (Wednesday).

More than 3000 people have signed so far, after the local authority’s Conservative leadership announced plans to shake-up charges across the Isle of Wight.

Campaigners say local businesses will be hit by the changes, as part of £5.5 million in suggested savings.

Speaking earlier this month, after leading Cabinet members voted through the proposed budget plans, Leader Councillor Dave Stewart said:

“We have looked at what other areas we may consider putting in parking fees when they previously haven’t been put in. For example, in the winter, some of the esplanades are free.  

“Some areas…Ryde being one… don’t currently get charges in the way Newport do. Is that fair? We’re trying to look at what we need to do to hit our £5.5 million, not necessarily what we want to do.

“We’ve put the list out. If we don’t do that, we need to find alternatives. If you’ve got a better suggestion…an income generating idea? That would avoid us having to take that option.”

Karen Lucioni, who is behind the petition, will address the local authority.

Councillors meet at 6pm in the Isle of Wight Council Chamber and Isle of Wight Radio is hoping to broadcast it via Facebook Live.