There were 12 complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman about aspects of the Isle Of Wight Council’s Adult Social Care service in 2017/18, according to a report released today (Wednesday).

In that year, two complaints were upheld, four were referred back to the local authority, three were closed and three were not upheld.

The report looks at the data behind every adult social care complaint the Ombudsman has received, concerning councils around the country.

Overall, it says, there has been a nine per cent increase in complaints about charging. On the Isle Of Wight, two of the complaints lodged with the Ombudsman were about this issue.

Meanwhile, six complaints were made about the Isle Of Wight Council’s assessments and care planning; and there was one complaint over residential care, one for safeguarding and two for other issues.

Authorities are being urged to listen to and learn from complaints to the Ombudsman.

Michael King, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, said,

“We are issuing this report because we want to work with the sector to share the wider learning and help improve services.

“Despite the problems we are seeing, I welcome local authorities and care providers’ willingness to work with us to improve services for people in their care, and the way they have complied with our recommendations over the past year.”