Island Roads staff l-r Matt Shaw, Jo Saunders and Sam O’Rourke (communication and development officer) with Brighstone Primary pupils and also sports coach Ashley Goldsmith being dressed in safety clothing by pupils.

As part of Road Safety Week, Island Roads staff visited Brighstone Primary School to talk to pupils about the importance of staying safe near roadworks.

Structures project manager Jo Saunders and senior district steward Matt Shaw spoke to children from years 4, 5 and 6 about safety.

During the talk, children took part in a short quiz and were shown safety clothing worn by Island Roads staff. They also received a demonstration of some of the safety equipment used by the firm and why it is needed.

Pupils also participated in a safety clothing challenge which involved dressing one of the teachers in high viz protective workwear, much to the amusement of the children.

Teresa Fox, headteacher at Brighstone Primary School, said:

“We were delighted to welcome Island Roads to talk to pupils about their work. Along with reinforcing key safety messages, it really helped the children to understand that there is so much more to their role other than roadworks. The presentation was fun, engaging and interactive, I would definitely recommend that other schools take up the opportunity.”

Jo Saunders said:

“We had great fun speaking to pupils at Brighstone School, they were very interested in our work and enjoyed taking part in the activities we arranged for them. As well as spreading important safety messages and explaining more about what we do at Island Roads, I hope we inspired some of the children to consider a future career in engineering or construction.”

Island Roads staff have been a regular sight in and around Brighstone recently, with highways improvement works taking place in roads at the front and rear of the school, as well as along the Military Road nearby.

The company says its planning more talks at schools in the future.