Theresa May is "intending" to meet the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on the sidelines of the G20, and confront him over the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the human impact of the Yemen war.

Her planned meeting with Mohammed bin Salman, who has been accused of allegedly ordering Mr Khashoggi’s killing, will take place on Friday.

Meanwhile, Mrs May will spend time at the meeting of world leaders spreading the message that her Brexit deal will be good for international trade.

Speaking to reporters flying with her to the summit in Argentina, she said: Obviously we’ve negotiated a good trade deal with the European Union, I think that’s also important for all the rest of the world as well.

The defiant prime minister has urged MPs to back her good trade deal with the European Union, and said there was no an alternative to the controversial backstop provision to maintain an open Irish border, nor would she comment on any plan B deal.

In comments aimed at MPs publicly opposed to her deal, the PM said: Without a backstop, there is no deal.

Mrs May would not be drawn on the existence of any plan B, refusing to answer if one existed to deal with the potential eventuality that the House of Commons could vote down her agreement in the meaningful vote in 11 days’ time.

Instead, she ruled out the Norway option, which would see the UK stay in the customs union, and a second referendum.

She said: The focus of myself and the government is on the vote taking place on December 11th.

The PM accused the Labour Party of scrabbling for a general election in spite of the welfare of the general public.

What they are doing is advocating rejecting the deal we’ve negotiated with the European Union without having any proper alternative to it, she said.

They say they don’t want a no-deal, but actually what we see is that by appearing to reject a temporary backstop, they are effectively advocating no-deal.

On Thursday, Labour tabled an amendment to the meaningful vote seeking to prevent no-deal as an option.

However, over the past fortnight Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly echoed DUP criticism of the backstop currently agreed with the EU as creating an Irish Sea border.

What they actually want to see is another general election. And that means they are not acting in the national interest. They are putting their narrow party interest first, Mrs May said.

The PM urged MPs from all sides to take account of the economic analysis released this week, despite acute criticism from her own Brexiteer wing complaining of Project Hysteria.

If you look at the analysis that’s been published by the Bank of England and by government this week – what that shows is the best deal for jobs and the economy, that delivers on the vote of the referendum and also recognises opening up the opportunities for the UK post-Brexit. It’s the deal that I’ve negotiated with the European Union, she said.

And I ask every member of parliament to think about delivering on the Brexit vote and doing it in a way that’s in the national interest.

The PM is in Buenos Aires for a key summit at a time of growing trade and geopolitical tension.

Mrs May confirmed that she will meet the Saudi Crown Prince, after months of the de-facto ruler being in the spotlight over the assassination of Mr Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

The killing of the Washington Post columnist, a critic of the crown prince, has strained Saudi Arabia’s ties with the West.

Saudi has insisted that the Crown Prince had no prior knowledge of the murder.

Mrs May said: I’m intending to speak with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the message that I give will be very clear.

It’s the message that we have consistently given on this issue of Jamal Khashoggi but also on the issue of Yemen.

In relation to Khashoggi we want to see a full and transparent investigation in relation to what happened and obviously those responsible being held to account.

And on the issue of Yemen, Mrs May said: We continue to be deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation and want a long-term solution.

Mrs May will also meet President Mauricio Macri of Argentina later on Friday, becoming the first Conservative PM to visit the country.

She heralded better relations with the South American nation, but said: I’m clear that our position on the sovereignty of the Falklands has not changed.

The PM said a post-Brexit UK would use its seat at the World Trade Organisation table to back President Trump’s call for urgent reform of the body, which she said needed to speed up its dispute resolution system and new arrangements over digital and services trade.

(c) Sky News 2018: G20: May to confront Saudi Prince, while on mission to sell UK trade to world leaders