Charlotte Prodger has won the 2018 Turner Prize for two films she made entirely on an iPhone.

Judges said that the Glasgow-based artist approached the iPhone as a prosthesis or extension of the nervous system… body and device become extensions of each other.

The jury admired the painterly quality of one of her films, BRIDGIT, and the attention it pays to art history.

They also praised the way Ms Prodger, 44, explores lived experience as mediated through technologies and histories.

The £25,000 art prize, named after English painter JMW Turner, is presented annually to a British visual artist.

The other shortlisted artists for 2018 were Forensic Architecture, Naeem Mohaiemen and Luke Willis Thompson, who were awarded £5,000 each.

This year’s shortlist was more overtly political, with the artists all tackling pressing political and humanitarian issues of today, and featuring neither sculptures or paintings.

Alex Farquharson, director of Tate Britain, said: It’s the first year that all four artists have used moving images.

They have done so in a variety of different ways, in terms of what they used and what they are using it for. It’s a political Turner Prize, but deals with many other things.

Shortlisted artist Luke Willis Thompson made a black and white, silent 35mm portrait of Diamond Reynolds.

Ms Reynolds broadcast live, on Facebook in 2016, the immediate aftermath of the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, Philando Castile, by a police officer during a traffic stop in the US.

Academic group Forensic Architecture, known for its spatial investigations of state and corporate violations worldwide, also use mobile phone footage in much of its work.

Naeem Mohaiemen’s work encompasses films, installations and essays and investigates a sense of melancholia for lost political dreams, memories of Leftist political utopias and legacies of decolonisation.

Last year, Lubaina Himid became the oldest artist to win the Turner Prize, at the age of 63, after it was opened up to older artists.

(c) Sky News 2018: 2018 Turner Prize: Glasgow artist Charlotte Prodger wins for films made on smartphone