28% of Islanders say that they have waited so long to secure an appointment with their GP they have had to contact 111, according to a survey carried out by Healthwatch Isle of Wight.

More than 2,000 Islanders were asked how easy it is for them to get an appointment and what services they would like to be able to access at their local surgery in the future.

The results also found that 24% of Islanders have been left waiting for more than two weeks for an appointment to see their doctor.

One person said:

“There are almost never any appointments at all, let alone at convenient times.”

The survey, which ran between November 2017 to April 2018, also found that some GP surgeries only offer ‘on the day’ appointments.

Many people stated that they cannot ring first thing in the morning due to work, childcare or other commitments:

“It is important to me to be able to arrange appointments to coincide with a relative being in respite care. Certain departments pay scant regard to the difficulties faced by (unpaid) carers in making appointments.”

Results found that when people do manage to ring their surgery later in the morning, the majority of the time all of the appointments are gone.

Many Islanders also highlighted the difficulties they face when getting a blood test, with one recalling how they waited for three hours at an appointment in Ryde.

Others also said that they would like to see blood testing clinics at their own surgery.

Results showed that many people did praise individual doctors and practice staff, however.