Fencing Damaged And Isle Of Wight’s Floating Bridge Loses A Corner

Image "Cowesgirl"

A collision has damaged fencing next to the Cowes-East Cowes floating bridge, but a missing corner is being described as a “modification”.

A photo shared with Isle of Wight Radio shows a corner missing from the prow on the Cowes side.

Image: “Cowesgirl”

Fencing outside homes next to the bridge is damaged.

Isle of Wight Council says the damage is not all it appears. It has confirmed that fencing was damaged last week, but says the cut-off is a modification:

“In relation to the damaged railings/wall this incident occurred last Thursday. An internal incident report was completed at the time and arrangements are in place to straighten the railings and repair the stonework and this should happen in the next few days.

“The corner of the shoe has been modified to prevent it from hitting the chain anchor point.”