An Isle of Wight man’s budding DJ career could be set to take off after a chance encounter with his Australian namesake.

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Jason Stone, from Ryde, was told another DJ on the other side of the world also went by the same name.

In order to avoid any potential mix-ups or problems in his budding career, he decided to take matters into his own hands and contact the man with the matching moniker on social media.

“I messaged Jason Stone because we realised there was another one out there. He’s next level, very big in Australia and Asia. I contacted him to say sorry about this and he was humble about it and very cool.

“The next step it’s just spiralled out of control and he’s just said lets get together.”

Aussie Jason started DJing six years ago and has toured his country, Asia and Indonesia.

He moved to the latter four years ago and is currently ranked 1st in the Best EDM Big Room DJ category at Indonesia’s Beat Awards.

Australian DJ Jason Stone.

Speaking exclusively to Isle of Wight Radio, he described the moment Islander Jason popped up in his inbox as “surreal”:

“I received a message yesterday morning (Wednesday) from a fella with a great name, Jason Stone. It seems we’re both trading under the same name!

“It felt like talking to yourself in the mirror. It was a bit funny when I’m reading messages, I’m scrolling through messages from fans and of course, my name pops up in the list. It’s very surreal.”

Islander Jason, 34, is currently a plasterer but trained to become a DJ at the Lisa Lashes School of Music.

He says since the chance encounter his Australian counterpart has helped him with a number of things, including coming up with a new title.

“He’s kept in contact and given me some great advice, given dos and don’ts and is even helping me out with a new name for me which we’ve got a few.

“We’re just going to rebrand myself and start again.”

Despite having to change his name, Isle of Wight-born Jason insists he is not bitter.

Isle of Wight DJ Jason Stone.

The two Stones are now making big plans together for the future, which could see Islander Jason go from mixing plaster to mixing music a lot more often.

“I’m just going with the flow. I’m me, I’m from the Isle of Wight, and this is where it started. I didn’t mean for it to get to this level.

“He [Aussie Jason] wants to come and do back to back with me and perhaps talk about doing some bits out there [Austrailia] and Asia, as well.”

Aussie Jason says he was not plotting a trip to the UK but now fate has intervened:

“The best idea would be to get some shows together in his hometown [the Island] and then take it through the UK if we could.

“I think after this has happened it’s definitely on the cards.”