Report Reveals Cause Of Sandown Aircraft Crash


An aircraft crashed in Sandown because its engine failed at 200 feet during a go-around.

A report by the AAIB found the pilot then made a forced landing without serious injury on an adjacent golf course.

The cause of the engine failure could not be determined by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, but may have been carburettor icing or fuel vapour interrupting the fuel flow.

As Isle of Wight Radio reported, the pilot escaped unhurt in the incident in June.

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After the incident, the pilot told Isle of Wight Radio,

“The landing was going well, then I hit a bump and the plane lifted up. It would’ve been a heavy landing, so I decided to lift up and have another go. As I got in the climb out, the engine went to zero. Then it picked up again and then went again.

“I couldn’t see the fairway and couldn’t see the corner. I was sinking too fast to be able to fly the plane. In the last seconds, I realised I was sinking too much. So I couldn’t land it.

It was a lot of luck. I wasn’t high enough to get enough speed to choose a landing spot. I knew it was coming down and I had to figure how to bring it down. I couldn’t even see the fairway as I navigated between the trees.”