Here are some of the stories which made the news headlines on the Isle of Wight in April 2018.


There was Royal Fever spreading across the Island – and Isle of Wight Radio gave away a stunning wedding prize at Albert Cottage.

Adrian and Maria were the lucky winners after a voting campaign!

Adrian Wellock, a Watch Manager at Newport Fire Station and Maria Bush, a school cook at St Francis Academy, were one of five couples, selected by a panel of judges from hundreds of entries, bidding to win a wedding package for 50 people at the beautiful Albert Cottage venue with the dress, suit, flowers, food, drink, rings, cake, music, video, photographs and more all provided.


People on the Isle of Wight reported “threatening” and “frightening” calls to their phones, from a person claiming to be from HMRC.

In a series of reports to an online site that monitors unsolicited calls, nearly 100 Islanders have been describing taking a call from someone claiming to be from the Revenue and Customs office.

Many have reported that a person swore at them down the phone line and threatened them with an arrest warrant.


A woman was taken to hospital by ambulance after lightning hit a home in Bembridge.

Fire swept through the first floor and roof of a two-storey house in Egerton Road.

Residents say they heard a loud sound that sounded like an explosion.

The devastating scene where lightning struck a house in Bembridge