Here are some of the stories that were making the headlines on the Isle of Wight in March 2018.


Snow fell on the Isle of Wight closing schools and businesses!

It was the heaviest snowfall the Island had seen in recent years.

Graham Reading Photography

In Sandown, a bus skidded on ice narrowly missing buildings and parked cars.

Pic by Josh Younie


The freezing weather caused a major incident to be declared as water supplies on the Isle of Wight ran low.

Fears were that 35,000 homes could be affected by a water outage, but due to the work of engineers that number was revised down.

Bottles of water were handed out to hundreds of vulnerable people in the Newport area and to care homes in the town.

Emergency teams on standby in Newport


Sandown said goodbye to its former nightclub, Colonel Bogeys as the site was reduced to rubble.

The Wight City site – which included The Jolly Sailor pub, arcade and holiday apartments – was demolished to make way for a development of apartments, with some commercial units.