Islanders are rallying together this Christmas to provide support for an Isle of Wight family and their daughter who has been diagnosed with a rare condition.

Hollie and Pete’s 5-month-old girl Phoebe was born at 36 weeks on Friday 20 July 2018.

Five days after, the family discovered she had a genetic disorder called Edward Syndrome.

Also known as trisomy 18, the condition is caused by a third copy of all or part of chromosome 18.

It is said to be life-limiting and Phoebe was given only days, weeks or months to live.

However, five months on her mum says she is defying the odds:

“She is now 5-months-old and gets stronger every day.

“Her hole in her heart has closed up to our cardiologist’s shock. She has fought of bronchiolitis, colds and tummy bugs.

“She is our little miracle and everyday we have her is a special one.”

After hearing Phoebe’s story, organisers behind Cowes Carnival launched an initiative to gather as many Christmas cards from residents as possible.

Once collected they will be put in a sack and delivered to the family by Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.

It is hoped it will show them that ‘Islanders care’.

Drop off points have been set up in Cowes and Newport and cards will be collected on street tours:

  • Blakes News. Arctic Rd. Cowes
  • Jaschlo. Shooters Hill. Cowes
  • Dacks Newsagent. The Arcade. Cowes
  • Northwood Business Park. Newport Rd. Northwood.
  • Costa Coffee. Newport.
  • Real Employment Law Advice. 24 Carisbrooke Rd. Newport. (Corner of Drill Hall Rd)
  • Red Squirrel Property Shop. St Thomas Sq. Newport.
  • Kezi Kindness Charity. 38 Kings Rd. East Cowes.
  • Emma. 15 Hogan Rd. Newport. PO30. 5UE

Organisers are calling on you to write a card and drop it to one of the above addresses.

You have until Monday.