Pic by Hannah Cook

Pittis Estate Agents are featuring Isle of Wight landmarks and focal points on their new-look For Sale, Sold and Lettings boards.

Officially launched on the first day of 2019, the boards feature three striking designs in bold colours, each representing a different aspect of Island life. One depicts a typical Island townscape, another the famous white cliffs, and the third a boat sailing past the Needles.

Explaining the thinking behind the new boards, Pittis Operations Director Neil Piper, said:

“On one level, we wanted to start the New Year with a brand new look. But much more importantly, we were keen to emphasise our local roots. We may be part of one of the largest agency groups in the South East – which brings obvious benefits in terms of strength and resources – but above all, we are local agents, staffed by local people and serving the local community.

“The Isle of Wight is a very special place to live, and we want to show our pride in being the Island’s largest independent estate agents.”

The new boards are being used for sales and lettings, enabling vendors and landlords to choose their favourite of the three designs.

Mr Piper added:

“Everything we do is aimed at appealing to more buyers and tenants. By attracting the maximum amount of attention from passers-by, these new boards are designed to help do just that.”