Credit: Fabio Diena

Fifty years on from his groundbreaking Isle of Wight Festival performance could 2019 see a return from Bob Dylan?

The Blowin’ In The Wind singer starts a mammoth tour next week but his calendar is empty on the weekend of the 13-16 June.

Others in the mix include Angels singer Robbie Williams, American rock band Eagles, and the recently reformed Spice Girls.

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio from the Isle of Wight Festival in June 2015 Mel C – aka Sporty Spice – said:

“I love it, and I think if the Spice Girls ever got back together they’d probably debut here.”

Meanwhile this morning (Friday) the festival’s organiser has quashed rumours that Phil Collins could grace the stage at Seaclose Park. John Giddings changed his Facebook profile picture to a painting of the former Genesis star but insists there is ‘nothing to get excited about’.