“Brave” Charlotte Birch (also know as Alder) is still missing two days after she left St Mary’s Hospital in Newport and her sister says their family just wants the 44-year-old to be “safe and well again”.

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio today (Friday), Deborah has thanked Islanders who have so far helped in the search and she is now asking us to check outbuildings, sheds and dashcam footage.

Scroll down to hear Charlotte’s sister Deborah in her own words.

This blurry image shows the moment that Charlotte left St Mary’s Hospital on Wednesday.

CCTV image shows Charlotte Birch leaving St Mary’s Hospital
She was wearing a black speckled cardigan, black boots with a fur trim and a pink hospital top and green hospital “scrub-style” trousers.

Meanwhile, Hampshire Constabulary is asking people using the cycle path that connects Newport to Sandown and Shanklin to be “vigilant”.

Charlotte’s sister Deborah said,

“Charlotte, we’re all so worried about you. Please come home. Everybody’s out looking for you. We’re very, very concerned. We just want you safe a well again.

” She’s brave. Approach her. She’ll be scared and she’ll be in a state. Warm her up. Call the police immediately. They will then get an ambulance to her.

“She needs to be somewhere safe and being looked after. Keep your eyes open.

“One of my sisters is arriving from Scotland. My poor mum is so confused. The whole family’s pulling together.”

As Isle of Wight Radio reported, Charlotte left St Mary’s Hospital on Wednesday and was later spotted at Coppins Bridge and in Rookley.

She was wearing hospital scrubs, a coat and black boots with a fur trim.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s Chief Executive says the organisation is working with police to try to find her.

Missing Charlotte Birch’s sister Deborah speaks to Isle of Wight Radio’s Lucy Morgan.