The comic books will live in the library...if they get that far!

Spidey senses are tingling at Cowes Enterprise College as pupils get to grips with a donation that, by Greyskull, could give them the power to get into reading a new kind of novel.

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The Isle of Wight’s Heroes store in Scarrotts Lane, Newport has joined forces with publishers and Island-based pop culture journalist Russel Sheath to donate a host of graphic novels to the school library.

In November, Cowes Enterprise College said it had lost out financially when a sci-fi and fan event held on the school grounds collapsed. The school said it had planned to spend the building-hire cash on books.

On Monday, 50 comic-style novels were donated to the school. Russell Sheath was behind the donation because he wanted to do something to help:

“I reached out to all of my contacts and said, “Can you help us to help the college to start a graphic novels library?” All of the publishers were very forthcoming.

“Best thing about graphic novels… is accessibility which is one of the things that’s fantastic for learners. It’s a different way of reading and getting into literature.”

Rob Mead is the manager at Heroes and handed over the novels to the school:

“There’s a few independents…a few Marvel bits and pieces…Adventure Time, Simpsons Star Wars. We tried to have something for everyone. That’s one of the things that I love – there is something for everybody.”

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