A dispute over the lease for Ryde’s former ice rink has been referred to arbitration, meaning court proceedings with AEW are on hold.

The Isle of Wight Council says it took legal action because it believes AEW has breached the lease for the seafront facility, which has been closed since October 2016.

However, a scheduled court hearing did not take place earlier this month after AEW referred the matter to arbitration, which will determine if a breach has been committed.

The court proceedings have been stayed – meaning they are on hold – until the outcome of the arbitration process.

Monitoring officer Helen Miles said:

“The court can deal with forfeiture and possession matters. We felt this was the best way of bringing this to a swift and final conclusion.

“Under the terms of the lease, AEW was entitled to refer this to arbitration.

“If the arbitrator finds there has been a breach the court process will recommence and forfeiture and possession will be sought.”

Ryde north east member Councillor Wayne Whittle added:

“After over two years of waiting for AEW to reopen the building, it is disappointing that it continues to find ways of doing anything positive to finally resolve the future of the facility for the community of Ryde.”

Isle of Wight Radio has contacted AEW for a comment.