Hundreds of people found themselves stuck in St Mary’s Hospital for three weeks or more over the past year. 

The 2018/19 target is to have no more than 45 ‘Super Stranded Patients’ – that is those staying in hospital for 21 days or more. But the Isle of Wight NHS Trust has had almost ten times that number, with latest figures revealing 445 people have had a stay of at least three weeks in the year to date.

Meanwhile the number of ‘Stranded Patients’ – those staying 7 days or more – is also way off target. The Trust has had more than 1,100 stranded patients over the last year. The target for 2018/19 was a maximum of 127.

A cause and a knock on effect can be delays in the transfer of care – which the Trust measures as ‘lost bed days’.

The Trust had more ‘lost bed days’ in the space of the month of December 2018 (123) than it is supposed to have over the course of an entire year (115).