Is the Isle of Wight NHS ready for Brexit? Health bosses met to give an update yesterday (Thursday).

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The Isle of Wight NHS confirmed yesterday that it is under strict instructions not to stockpile, but is making arrangements for critical areas including medicines and vaccines, its workforce, and what it calls ‘medical devices’.

To understand any risks to operations if there is disruption in supply, it has had to carry out internal reviews of purchased goods and services.

The Trust has also had to look into any reductions in the number of EU national employees. 

As reported by Isle of Wight Radio, some staff say they are “on the brink of leaving”, while others told us some had already cited Brexit as a reason for leaving. But the Trust says the current expectation is that there will not be a ‘significant degree of health and care staff leaving around exit day’.

A Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) has been appointed by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust to oversee preparations for outcomes including a no deal exit.

Medical Director and SRO Alistair Flowerdew told Isle of Wight Radio:

“I would very much like to reassure the people and the public, and the Isle of Wight that we have been very reactive, and are taking all the steps we need that we do need to make to ensure that life goes on perfectly normally whatever the outcome on March 29th.”

Listen to Lauren Roberts’ full interview with Isle of Wight NHS Medical Director Alistair Flowerdew: