We need to count the stars in Orion.

We are being challenged to count the number of stars we can see in the constellation of Orion, as part of a test to see how dark our skies are.

The CPRE, together with the British Astronomical Association, are behind the Star Count 2019, which runs across the UK.

Count what’s inside the rectangle.

The idea is to count and record the number of stars you can see in Orion, which is named after a mythological Greek hunter, until the 23 February. Choose a clear night and do not forget to let your eyes adjust before you start.. Find the four stars that mark out Orion’s body and count the stars inside.

From the CPRE

As the Isle of Wight applies for dark skies status, which is already helping to boost tourism in other parts of the country, Islanders are asked to enter their results here to help the CPRE establish a picture of how light pollution affects our communities.