Three people have needed Intensive Care Unit support because of the flu, says the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

There have been at least four confirmed cases of flu on the Island.

In response, the Isle of Wight NHS is urging Islanders to get a flu vaccination.

The Isle of Wight NHS’s Director of Nursing, Midwifery, AHPs and Out of Hospital Services, Alice Webster, said:

“Anyone who’s had flu – properly flu – knows how bad it is, and it can be very serious in the elderly and the young…

“I would urge anyone of any age who has a chronic illness or long-term condition go and get your flu vaccine.”

While giving an update earlier this week Maggie Oldham said:

“We have not yet achieved the level of vaccinated staff that we had hoped to, and we continue to encourage all of our staff to take up the offer of a free vaccine. Sadly but predictably flu is circulating in our community with 3 local cases so far requiring Intensive Care Unit support. It’s still not too late for any of our staff to have their jab.”

Find information on how to get a flu vaccination here.