‘Oblivious To The Obvious’ – that’s the thinking behind an executive new members only club in Ryde – OTTO.

Located halfway down Union Street, OTTO is described as a ‘collaboration of creative minds bringing a unique experience delivered with excellence and flair’.

The concept is to give members a dining and culinary experience they won’t forget – and will keep going back for more.

Headlining the OTTO team as Creative Chef is Jack Blumenthal.

As the surname implies, Jack is the son of celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. But Jack very much wants to pave his own way in the cooking world – and is doing well so far.

Having spent time as a chef lecturer at the University of West London running kitchens and the Junior Chefs Academy, he has decided to make the move south.

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio, Jack said:

“I feel there is more that can be brought to this beautiful Island to make it even more of a tourist attraction. I wouldn’t have made the move if I didn’t think we could build it up and create something special.”

But what can guests expect at OTTO?

Jack explains:

“I think OTTO allows me to be creative and create something new. The decor of OTTO is unique and quirky and my food will be the same. We want to create an experience for our members.

“The concept behind OTTO is to bring people in who want something different and want to come here and relax. They can choose to have a full meal, bar snacks or just have a drink. We want it to be almost a home-from-home place for people to come.”

Jack Blumenthal

LISTEN: Jack Blumenthal speaking to Isle of Wight Radio’s Jamie White:

The boutique style bar and restaurant serves all the usual tipples as well as some new ones, whilst also hosting in-house cocktails, champagnes and wines.

Jack Blumenthal (right) with business partner Ryan Burr

OTTO continues to hold themed nights for members, including New Year’s Eve, Burns Night and Valentine’s – with Jack providing specialist food to cater for the events.