More than 300 years after being imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle, ‘King Charles I’ is to return to the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight’s latest royal visit will see what appears to be the former king roaming the likes of Newport, Carisbrooke, and The Needles.

The so-called king told Isle of Wight Radio:

The first time I actually visited the Isle of Wight was back in 1618, when I was aged 17 and  Prince of Wales and I dined at Carisbrooke Castle – so it will be great to return.

“When I arrive at the Island I will be disembarking and heading straight over to The Needles…

Apparently is has changed since the last time I was there.”

The monarch is due to arrive at The Needles at 1pm on Saturday (2).

But all is not as it seems.

The man behind the famous moustache is in fact Daniel Williams – who is on a journey exploring Charles I of England’s story.

Daniel said:

“King Charles for me – I think he’s had a very underrated story.

“I do love a challenge and so the challenge of getting him out there again and getting people to learn more about him I feel is very important.”

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