Isle of Wight Radio’s Child of Wight Awards sponsored by WightFibre is back!

The Island is blessed with an abundance of exceptional youngsters – and here’s your chance to give them the recognition they deserve.

Do you know a young person that has made a positive difference to the lives of others or shown bravery beyond their years? Perhaps your son or daughter

has helped you through difficult times and a simple thank you just won’t do. Well, Isle of Wight Radio’s Child of Wight Awards provides the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to that special someone.

Acknowledge the achievements of amazing young Islanders by nominating them for an award in one of several categories.

Take a look at last years awards:

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WightFibre CEO John Irvine said: “The Isle of Wight has a great community spirit and many of our incredible young people deserve special recognition. As a local company, at WightFibre we really care about providing the best possible service to our customers on the Island. We care about giving back to the Island community where we can and our sponsorship of the Child of Wight Awards is a great way for us to do that. It is an honour and privilege for WightFibre to sponsor these awards for the fourth year running and support Isle of Wight Radio in making these awards special.”


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All nominees will be entered into the overall ‘Child of Wight’ Award, sponsored by Wightfibre. Nominations must be in by 19/04/19

Overall Child of Wight Award Sponsored by Wightfibre

This award will go to a very special child who deserves the recognition for bravery, courage, determination or commitment to a cause. Nominate here

The Asa Singleton Most Courageous Child Award
Sponsored by Wightlink Ferries

We are looking to recognise a child who has shown tremendous spirit and bravery in the face of adversity and shown strength and determination through difficult times. Nominate here

Child of Wight Sporting Star Award
Sponsored by UKSA

Do you know a child who has shown passion, dedication and an unswerving commitment to improve or achieve success in their chosen sport? Nominate here

Child of Wight Make a Difference Award
Sponsored by The Needles Landmark Attraction

We want to know about a child who has made a difference to your life or to someone else’s life through their own initiative, so we can highlight the difference they have made. Nominate here

Child of Wight Fundraiser Award
Sponsored by ETL Electrical Solutions

Do you know a child who has shown a real commitment to charity work or good causes, and fundraising initiatives? Nominate here

Child of Wight Young Carer Award
Sponsored by Fidelity

A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative who has a disability or illness. Nominate here

Child of Wight Young Performer Award Sponsored by Westridge Skips

We are looking for a young boy or girl who has shown exceptional talent in education, the arts or within a group, such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides. Nominate here

Child of Wight Best Friend Award
Sponsored by Amazon World

Let us know why YOUR best friend is so special to you, and why you think they deserve to win an award. Nominate here

Child of Wight Best Brother Award
Sponsored by AM Builders

We want to recognise a brother who is very special. Maybe he provides unique support to his sibling(s) or just deserves to be recognised for his individual and special characteristics. Nominate here

Child of Wight Best Sister Award
Sponsored by Long Lane Flooring

Do you have an amazing sister? Is she your best friend and always there for you? Nominate your sister today and let us know why your sister is so special. Nominate here

Child of Wight Young Achiever Award
Sponsored by IFPL

Do you know a child who has achieved beyond expectation? Then this might be the perfect way to give them the credit they deserve. Nominate here

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