Image: Karl Love

A carved wooden sculpture is safely back on the Isle of Wight for restoration, years after it last stood in the grounds of Barton Manor.

The 1992 work by Norman Gaches was commissioned by the estate’s former owner and depicts Greek Gods Dionysus and Ariadne, as well as a goat, and Zeus in the likeness of Robert Stigwood himself, in a carved Monterey Cypress tree.

See artist Norman Gaches carving the sculpture and speaking about it in the early 1990s…

The music entrepreneur, film producer and Bee Gees manager took the sculpture with him when he left the Isle of Wight. Since then it has been at Oaktree Garden Centre in Bracknell, near London. Director Phil Went told Isle of Wight Radio,

“The story goes that it was being delivered to a house near this garden centre and they didn’t have the space to unload it. It was delivered to this garden centre because we had the space.

“You couldn’t really see it because we had really long grass. We bought here in the summer. In the winter, grass dies back and you were looking at it thinking, “That’s more than just a log!””

Image: Karl Love

Hear Isle of Wight Radio’s Lucy Morgan’s report:

Staging a rescue mission of Olympian-proportions, to return the sculpture to the Isle of Wight, was East Cowes Councillor Karl Love. He says it will now be restored and will be put on view in East Cowes from next summer.

Image: Karl Love

Carved in the trunk of a tree damaged in 1987 hurricane, the Gaches family say they support its return to the Isle of Wight.

Robert Stigwood in front of the finished sculpture (Image via Gaches family)