While some face a hike of more than 80 per cent, others on the Isle of Wight are celebrating a drop in how much they will have to pay in town/parish council tax. 

Little white envelopes have been delivered to households across the Isle of Wight, revealing how much residents will have to pay towards the town/parish element of their council tax over the next year – this is paid on top of the police precept and council tax set by the Isle of Wight Council.

Those living in Newport and Carisbrooke face the biggest increase. Residents living in a Band D property in the area will be paying 86% more from April. Their tax has gone up from £46.73 to £86.99.

While those living within the same band in Shanklin will see a 32% hike to £79.29 per year. They are closely followed by East Cowes and Chale residents. Theirs will go up by more than 30%.

At the other end of the spectrum is Sandown, where the town council has agreed to lower the local council tax by almost £40 for those living in Band D properties, to £140.10.

Some residents in Havenstreet and Ashey will be welcoming in a 3% fall, while others in Wootton and Cowes will see a drop of just under 1%.

Here is a breakdown of each of the Island’s town/parish council tax precepts:

Town/Parish Council Tax

Town/Parish Council Tax