Islanders at the EU March in London

More than 100 Islanders joined the Put It To The People march in London on Saturday.

One group hired a coach from Portsmouth, part-funded by donations.

People from the Isle of Wight watched the front of the march when it set off at midday and Islanders were still marching through central London at 5pm.

Islanders at the EU March in London

Actors including Steve Coogan, Star Trek’s Sir Patrick Stewart and Call The Midwife’s Stephen McGann, celebrity chef Delia Smith, and tv presenter Claudia Winkleman were among the reported one million protesters.

Critics have questioned the number of people who turned out and have accused protesters of trying to overturn democracy.

More than five million signatures, including over 9,000 on the Isle of Wight, have been amassed by a petition calling for Article 50, which is the document that triggers the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, to be revoked.

Glenn Koppany, from Islanders for Europe said:

“It was such a fantastic day with a lovely, positive atmosphere along the route. We were overwhelmed to be surrounded by well over a million bright and hopeful people, of all ages and backgrounds. The Isle of Wight continued our reputation for musical contributions to the march – this time with the addition of a couple of ukuleles!”