Horses and their riders will take to roads across the Isle of Wight with a desperate plea to improve safety today (Sunday).

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Rides will take place all over the Island, from Wroxall and Ryde to Newport and Freshwater from 11am this morning.

Nicci Parris, who organised a number of today’s ride-outs, says it is about protecting all road users.

Nicci told Isle of Wight Radio:

“There is a risk that even the best horse on the road could jump in front of a car completely out of the blue, so if they’re a safe distance away from us it minimises the risk not only to us but to them as well because no body wants a half-tonne animal going through their front windscreen and sitting in their lap.” 

She added:

“There are quite a few incidents that do happen where drivers don’t think and they come past too close. I had one a few years ago on a country lane; there was barely a car’s width by the side of me on my horse and this this gentleman tried to come past with an inch gap.”

With more than 50 riders expected to be out on the roads Nicci says concerns have been raised over congestion on the roads:

“Blocking up the roads is not the intention at all. It is just about raising awareness. We’re not using every single road on the Island – it’s just a few groups in different locations going out for maybe an hour, just to try to raise awareness as part of this nation-wide event.”

1. Pass Wide and Slow Plea

2. Pass Wide and Slow Plea

3. Pass Wide and Slow Plea

4. Pass Wide and Slow Plea

5. Pass Wide and Slow Plea