Kash Ali has been handed a six-month ban for biting David Price during their heavyweight fight in March.

The British boxer has also been fined £10,000 for the biting, which led to his fifth-round disqualification and the subsequent suspension of his boxing licence.

His trainer Adam Etches told Sky Sports News: He’s got off lightly, but at the same time, he’s not a bad guy. He lost his head.

He’s got to serve his time and he’ll be straight back in, and back to winning ways.

The fight ended badly, but he had given a good account of himself, apart from the daftness of biting him.

Other than that, he was doing alright in the fight.

As long as he learns from it, he will be fine.

Ali issued an apology in the wake of the fight and said: I am hugely embarrassed for my actions and the way the whole fight unfolded.

The occasion got the better of me and those who know me, including David, can testify that my behaviour on Saturday during the fight was not a true reflection of who I am.

(c) Sky News 2019: Kash Ali gets six-month ban and £10,000 fine for biting David Price