An Isle of Wight woman is on a mission to help people battling cancer. Her weapon? A tattoo gun.

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Gemma Bowers from Ryde is a cosmetics artist with a difference. Through her businesses, Gem’s Ink, she is helping women who have – or have had – cancer.

She tattoos areolas on to women who have had surgeries like a mastectomy, and eyebrows onto those who may have lost theirs through chemotherapy or alopecia – a form of hair loss.

Gemma told Isle of Wight Radio:

“It is definitely the most rewarding part of the job – having people where you know it’s made a life-changing difference to them.

“You notice the second they walk out the door that their head is held higher and they’re happier instantly just because they’ve got something they should have, but haven’t because they’ve got something like cancer or alopecia.”