Green's Vix Lowthion addresses audience members.

Six of the South East’s MEP hopefuls have been having their say in front of a packed audience in Newport last night (Wednesday).


Candidates from the Green Party, UKIP, the Brexit Party, the Socialist Party of Great Britain, Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party were all quizzed by audience members at the Quay Arts Centre.

The Conservative Party and Change UK did not put up a panellist to take part in the debate.

Questions from audience members ranged from: “is democracy dead in this country if we do not deliver the will of British people by leaving the EU?”

Another asked: “what would you do to serve people on the Island?”

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio at the event, Vix Lowthion from the Green Party urged everyone to vote:

“This vote could put a person in Parliament for five years and it’s incredibly important that we elect representatives that are going to make a difference. We should’ve left technically two months ago but who knows what’s going to happen in the next six months…”

LISTEN as Vix Lowthion speaks to Isle of Wight Radio’s Oliver Dyer:


Asked what the point of these elections is if Britain is leaving the European Union anyway, Judith Bunting from the Liberal Democrats said:

“These elections themselves won’t stop Brexit but they will make the point to the Conservatives that Remainers have been ignored for too long. And, it’s three years since we had the referendum and a lot of people have grown into voting age since then and a lot of people have changed their minds.”

LISTEN as Judith Bunting explains why Islanders should vote for her party:


Daryll Pitcher from UKIP said:

“The only reason I’m standing is because they shouldn’t be happening at all. We voted to leave, it hasn’t happened, we’ve extended and extended again and we’ve ended up in this situation whereby we have to hold these referendums and it’s a legal requirement and we couldn’t get out of it…”

LISTEN as Islander Daryll Pitcher chats to Isle of Wight Radio:


Representing the Labour Party, Rohit Dasgupta said:

“Well one of the things that we have seen is that the Tory party’s handling of Brexit has been disastrous so far and as long as we are in Europe we are going to need MEPs and the Labour party, which has the second highest number of MEPs (20), needs to make sure that we continue to represent the voice of Britain…”

LISTEN as Rohit Dasgupta explains why he thinks Labour’s the right choice:


Robert Rowland from the newly-formed Brexit Party:

“The point is very simple. It is to try to deliver democracy and deliver on the first referendum. It hasn’t been honoured. Now we’re in the absurd situation where we have to vote again because of the ineptitude of the government and this is our chance again to remind our political class to enact the will of the people…”

LISTEN as Robert Rowland says why he thinks Islanders should vote for the Brexit Party: 


MEPs are elected using a system of proportional representation. Members of the public will vote for a party rather than individual candidates.

Stephen Harper from the Socialist party of Great Britain also took part in the debate.

He did not want to speak to the media beforehand but did address Islanders in the video below…

WATCH: MEP candidates answer questions about climate change:

European Parliamentary elections take place on 23 May.