Thanks to Keith Turner.

Red Funnel has denied claims that dangerous Asbestos waste has been blowing off its demolition site in East Cowes.

As previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio, the ferry firm is redesigning its terminal.

Thanks to Keith Turner.

Pictures sent to Isle of Wight Radio show material from the work scattered around the town. Red Funnel says it has blown off its work site is due to “strong winds”.

Some residents have raised concerns that the waste is Asbestos. Prolonged exposure to its fibres can cause Asbestosis, a serious long-term lung condition.

However, the ferry operator says it is “confident” the waste is not what it appears.

Thanks to Keith Turner.

Chris Sibley, Risk, Safety and Compliance Director at Red Funnel, said:

“We are confident that the minor fragment of waste that has blown off the East Cowes demolition site is loose fill insulation (fibreglass).

“Prior to the demolition, a full asbestos survey was conducted, and the asbestos identified was removed in a controlled environment as per regulations, along with any other hazardous materials.”

“We work extremely hard to ensure our sites are kept tidy and the contractors in place have since removed any loose material that has unfortunately blown off the site during the recent strong winds.”