Staplers Road, Google Maps.

Southern Water says it will try to find the source of water leaks on Staplers Road when traffic noise is quiet.

After disruption earlier this year, the utility firm is due to return to the busy route in Newport after the summer, to continue with work that will last three weeks.

However, water has been spotted on Staplers Road since the first phase of work was completed.

A Southern Water spokesperson said,

“We have not quite completed our work on Staplers Road as we will be making two further connections to the new pipeline. Our work will resume after the tourist season and will take up to three weeks. We’d like to thank our customers and commuters for their patience while this important work was carried out.

“Water on the road has been spotted  by our teams but the source is not obvious. Samples are currently being tested to see if it comes from one of our water pipes and leak technicians will be going out at night to listen to the pipes for the audible clues of a burst when traffic noise is low.”

Meanwhile, as Isle of Wight Radio has reported, temporary traffic lights are due on Staplers Road (until Sunday) to allow SGN (Southern Gas Networks) to carry out work.