Taxi fares on the Island could increase even more than initially agreed, if proposals are approved by the Isle of Wight Council.

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As reported by Isle of Wight Radio, in January councillors voted to increase the cost per mile for taxi fares by 10p — the first rise in six years.

While the initial cost of flagging down a taxi was also set to rise by 50p.

Now, new plans have been put forward — to increase the cost per mile by 20p instead, taking the total cost to £2 per mile.

The cost of flagging down a taxi will remain the same, at £3.

Previously, taxi drivers said increasing the fares would cause them to lose business.

One said:

“We feel that, although the prices are raised slightly, it will still impact the perception from the customers. They will hear of taxi fares being raised and without knowing by how much, they will avoid using the services.”

Another said:

“I have serious concerns that customers who are already feeling monetary restraints from many other quarters will consider not using taxis as much,  putting our business at risk.

“I feel the rises are being prompted by greed of single taxi operators, who don’t provide a 24 hour service, and are feeling the pinch through lack of custom.”


*An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said:

“This increase is on the recommendation of the trade.

“The proposals from the January meeting were consulted on and a large group of the trade objected to those proposals and recommended the 20p increase tariff 1 only.

“We are duty bound to consider their comments and, as this has come from the trade, officers are recommending the change for approval by the licensing committee on 29 May.

“The majority of those who responded to the consultation did not agree with the proposal to change tariff 1  flag drop from £3 to £3.50 and to extend the times when tariff 2 could be charged, therefore these proposed changes have been dropped.”

Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter.